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Greece No1 in Fish Farm Exports for Twentieth Year

The title of number one producer of fish (brim and sea bass) from hatcheries, globally, has again been garnered by Greece in 2013, for the twentieth year in a row.

The news was announced by the Association of Greek Seafarmers based on findings by Norwegian assessors Kontali Analyse.

More specifically, in 2013, total Greek production reached 123,000, with second place Turkey managing 94,000 tons, overturning a recent report by the Financial Times that wanted Greek production to be sliding by 7% and Turkish production to be rising by 12%.

According to the Association, the exports of bass and brim bring in 400 million euros a year, with around 2,000 tons a month heading fro 30 countries by all means of transportation. As the Association mentioned this is achieved without any help from the state.