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Athens Universities Refuse Resolution of Strikes Threatening Schoolyear

A proposal by the Education Ministry to end a two-month strike by administrative staff at the countries two largest universities has been flatly rejected.

The proposal called for the rectors at the two universities to force the issue that is jeopardizing the start of the academic year.

The ministry advised the leadership of Athens University and the Athens Polytechnic, to have the strike deemed as "abusive" by a court and force staff back to work.

The chief of the council of Greek university rectors, Ioannis Mylopoulos who heads Thessaloniki University, however, responded that "the ministry created the problem and should therefore solve it."

The Athens University and Polytechnic have been given several deadlines to end the strike and return to operation so that students do not lose the first semester of the year.

Administrative staff at the two universities, as well as at another six institutions, are resisting plans by the Education Ministry to place 1,349 employees in a mobility scheme to undergo an evaluation to be either transferred or dismissed.