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Protest March Dispersed by Rain

The participation at protest rallies held in Athens on Wednesday in the framework of the 24-hour nationwide strike called by the umbrella labor unions of the private and public sectors, GSEE and ADEDY, was limited as a result of the heavy rainfall.

Rallies were also held in other large cities throughout Greece, including Thessaloniki, the port city of Patras and Iraklio on the island of Crete.
SYRIZA affiliated union Autonomous Intervention decried the decision by GSEE and ADEDY to postpone the march because of the weather.

Ignoring a decision by GSEE and ADEDY, hundreds of protesters, members of leftist organizations and trade unions who had gathered outside the national Archaeological Museum on Patission Street, marched to Syntagma Square via Stadiou Street.

A minor incident occured when a group of protesters were stopped by police when they started moving toward the direction of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

A petition signed by the labour unions demanded, among others, the abolition of the austerity policies and the memorandum ties and the introduction of a development model that will create new and stable job positions. The workers also demanded an end to layoffs and uninsured labour and no privatization for public utility companies.

Opposition Communist Party affiliated PAME labour organization held a separate protest rally in Omonia Square and a march to Syntagma Square.

The 24-hour nationwide strike affected public services, hospitals and related services, including the first-aid ambulance services (EKAB), banks, seamen, teachers, some transportation means and local government.