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Bookmaker pays out early on Greek “Yes” bets

Paddy Power, one of the biggest and most trustworthy bookmakers in the world with millions of customers in the British isles and around Europe, are obviously certain of a “yes” vote in the Greek referendum.

It is noteworthy that once they pay a bet before its date, their decision has never been proved premature.

Since calling the referendum on Friday, Prime Minister Tsipras has written to international creditors saying Greece could accept a bailout offer published on June 28 if several conditions were changed, but Germany said the letter had come too late and did not go far enough.

Analysts have speculated that Tsipras might call off the referendum at a public address on Wednesday, but a Greek government official told Reuters it would go ahead.

A poll by the ProRata institute published in the Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper showed 54% of those planning to vote would oppose the bailout against 33% in favor, but according to the paper’s analysis, the longer the banks remain closed and the market choked, the more the “yes” vote picks up momentum.

source Reuters