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Die Welt Sees New Coalition in Greece

German newspaper Die Welt has published a new scenario for an alternative government in Greece, according to which New Democracy will seek a coalition with Independent Greeks and Democratic Left parties to avoid premature elections.

Initially, the Die Welt article refers to main opposition SYRIZA, accusing the party of "constantly moralizing" and finally allying itself in the motion against the government with "neo-fascists and communists."

The article then mentions the loss of Theodora Tzakri for the governing coalition after her yes vote for the no-confidence vote, noting the slim four seat majority the government now has and inside friction that do not bode well for its future.

The article comes amid reactions by government MPs against the single real estate tax, with the most flagrant example being PASOK deputy Mihalis Kassis who said he would vote against the bill.

The article conclude that if a revamped coalition is not found then premature elections are unavoidable, sooner or later.