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2,500 Undocumented Travelers Arrive In Piraeus

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A ferry arrived early this morning in Piraeus that held approximately 2,500 refugees and migrants, after traveling from Samos and Lesvos.

The vessel departed from Samos yesterday transporting 988 migrants, before picking up an additional 1,512 individuals who were waiting on Lesvos, according to Parikiaki.

Greek authorities have estimated that about 11,000 undocumented persons are currently on Lesvos, while 13 illegal travelers were identified off Chios by the Coast Guard today.

The EU plans to send delegates to Greece's largest port and eastern islands, after an agreement was ratified between the Hellenic government and the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). The agreement calls for assistance to the nation, due to the massive inflow of migrants and refugees in Greece.