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Greek Medicinal Re-Export Restriction Revoked

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The Greek medicinal re-export restriction has been lifted, that was implemented this past July, due to inventory concerns.

The National Medicines Agency confirmed that the prohibition where wholesalers purchase prescription drugs in the nation and then are able to resell them for more money, has been ceased.

Greece owes a large amount of money in outstanding bills to drug companies, however they have pledged to continue to supply the country with needed medical aids.

The European Union free trade rules allow for the resales, however Greece temporarily halted the act on 25 drugs after shortage worries. The majority of pharmaceuticals in Greece are imported.

The National Medicines Agency stated that wholesalers and prescription drug manufacturers have a duty to, "ensure appropriate and continued supplies to pharmacies and persons authorised to supply medicinal products to meet the needs of patients who are in Greece."

(Source: Reuters)