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"Back or forward with Potami"

The dilemma facing voters at the upcoming elections is "whether we go back, or forward with Potami," the party's leader Stavros Theodorakis said on Wednesday, during a pre-election press conference broadcast on all Greek television channels. He predicted that Potami will emerge stronger from Sunday's polls and stressed that it was a force that will stabilise the country.

"If we fall below the January percentage, then that means there is a problem," he admitted, saying the party was currently aiming for a 10 pct share of the vote in order to be able to affect developments.
"If you don't have the size, you can't take on the monsters. For this reason we need 30 seats," he added, noting that he was prepared to make "small and fair compromises" after the elections.
He called on the other political party leaders to reach a political agreement that agreed on three fundamental points: that elections will not be held for the next three years, that the country will meet its commitments and that the parties will break free of their "partisan armies".
Theodorakis said agreement on education issues will play a crucial role in deciding the party's stance, noting that all countries that signed memorandum agreements made major changes to their education systems. He also underlined that his party's priority were the "losers" of the memorandum years, especially the unemployed and small business owners that had lost their livelihoods or young people unable to see any future prospects in Greece.