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Athens strongly criticises Hungarian attacks on Greece over migrant issue

In a strongly worded response to the statements of Hungarian officials attacking Greece's stance in the migrant and refugee crisis, the Greek foreign ministry on Thursday countered by denouncing the Hungarian side for unacceptable treatment of refugees arriving in their country.

"We are unable to follow either the stream of statements by Hungarian officials against our country or, chiefly, the unacceptable - according to the United Nations Secretary General - behaviour of Hungarian forces of law against the refugees, even babies, that are experience the tragedy and misery of war," foreign ministry spokesman Konstantinos Koutras said in response to questions.

The use of violence, armed patrols and the driving of innocent victims of war into Balkan minefields are not befitting conduct for an EU member-state, he said.
"It is clear that the burden of this unprecedented refugee crisis cannot be taken on by just one country, in this case Greece, which is doing everything humanly possible. These extraordinary circumstances require humanity, cooperation, solidarity and coordination with the other European partners, and not brutal cynicism, provocative statements, the use of violence, or a return to Cold-War walls, the spokesman concluded.