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Car falls into Patras port claiming three lives

Officers of the Central Port Authority of Patras are awaiting the findings of experts and the depositions of the 24 year old driver of a fatal car and another two rescued passengers in order to ascertain the causes of the fall of the car yesterday morning, in the Old Port of Patras, that claimed the lives of three students, aged 20-24 years.

Reportedly, both the driver of the car, and two other survivors are still not able to give evidence because they are in a bad psychological state.

Meanwhile, one of the answers expected by port authorities is how the knock on the left side of the car came about, ie whether it came before or after the fall of the vehicle into the sea.

Meanwhile, one of the approaches that is also examined is whether the slippery road surface due to rainfall played a role in the fall of the car in to the sea.

Meanwhile apart from testimonies and blood tests of survivors and toxicological examinations of the three who died, is expected to be the "compass" for the authorities to provide answers as to why the car fell into the sea.