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Builders Chosen for Athens Mosque

The consortium of J&P Avax - ΤΕRΝΑ - AKTOR - ΙΝΤRΑΚΑΤ has been the designated winner of the competition to determine the builder of the Athens mosque, in Votanikos, Athens.

The consortium's bid of 946,000 euros with a 7% reduction was accepted by the infrastructure ministry, with the work expected to fininsh within six months of ground breaking.

Ministry officials believe works may start two months from now, as the contract has pass inspection by state auditors.

However, the building may be delayed as local residents have lodged an appeal at the Council of State asking for the annulment of the project. The case is expected to be discussed at the end of January.

The mosque will cover 600 square meters in a plot 17,000 square meters that used to be a Hellenic Navy vehicle repair depot.