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Alt. Migration Minister: The Geneva Treaty is the only point of view

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Alternate Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas on Wednesday called on all democratic parties to offer their cooperation on the refugees issue. "We will all work together and we will win," he said. Mouzalas noted that the success is that Europe recognised the problem as a European one.

"The refugees issue is a European problem that occurs in Greece and Europe must heal its side-effects," he said adding that a major change is that Europe approved 160,000 relocations and agreed to offer financial and technical assistance.

The government is also trying to pass another significant proposal on the relocation from third countries.

The refugees instead of coming to Greece or Italy or Serbia and from there to leave for other European countries, Europe should go to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon where the first refugees camps are and to indentify the refugees and choose those that fulfill the requirements for relocation.

This would make the refugees feel safer, they will not have to cross the Aegean.

This cancels the traffickers and reduces the pressure in the European countries and is probably cheaper.