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Citizen Protection Minister discusses terror issues with Bosnian counterpart

Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas met on Tuesday with his Bosnian counterpart Dragan Mektic. The two officials decided to enhance their cooperation on combating terrorism provided that a very strong cell of jihadists exists in Bosnia.

The Bosnian minister admitted that there is a very serious problem in Bosnia with the existence of extremists and particularly ISIS warriors in his country. He also stated that 130 Bosnian citizens are currently fighting with ISIS troops in Syria, 48 citizens have returned and 43 have been killed.
"We are a multicultural community. We have Bosnians, Serbs and Croatians. Extremist and terrorist problems exist. We are fully aware of these problems and the security services do their best to deal with them," said Mektic.
On his part, Toskas stressed that Greece has close cooperation with all countries on the terrorism issue.
Toskas and Mektic signed an implementation protocol on the readmission agreement that Bosnia-Herzegovina has signed with the European Union.