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"We do not want to weaken Greece, we want to strengthen it"

"Germany has a central role, but not an hegemonic role in Europe," German Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Michael Roth said in an interview with ANA-MPA.

"Germany is a strong player in a team of 28 members states and is trying to meet its responsibilities in a Europe of crisis," he added.

On the new agreement between Greece and the institutions, Roth said that "this was the result of a compromise", as it is always the case with the negotiations, adding that "the memorandum helps find what Europe urgently needs, i.e growth, investments, structural reforms."

According to AMNA, Roth finds that the memorandum has a social character provided that it aims at a fairer tax system, more efficient social administration and a modern and fair social state.

He underlined that Greece should remain an equal partner in the EU and the eurozone and dismissed the claims that Greece was dragged in that situation by foreign powers as misguided and simplistic.

The minister also stressed that in current times of the crisis throughout the world and in Europe, we are all obliged to "maintain our consistency" adding that Greece, due to its geostrategic position, should remain a pillar of stability. "We do not want to weaken Greece, we want to strengthen it," he stressed.

source ANA-MPA