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Arrests for selling hemp oil for cancer treatment

Two men (aged 43 and 83) were arrested in Larissa on Friday. Police officers found that the 43 year old man was swindling people with cancer, by telling them that he knew an elderly man, who had invented a cancer drug.

In a pre-arranged meeting in Larissa, a policeman pretended to be a buyer. He gave 3,000 euros to the 43 year old man in order to buy 100ml of the medicine, and he took the first dose, which was 10ml of hemp oil in a syringe.

Then, in another pre-arranged meeting, the policeman went to the house of the 83 year old man in Karditsa and took five small glass bottles, containing an unknown liquid, and paid 400 euros.

During the preliminary investigation, officers found that the 43 year old man sent -via courier- two syringes with hemp oil, two packages containing 125 grams of an unknown green powder and another package containing unknown herbs, to a woman in Chania.

Police officers searched the houses of both arrested men and found several small glass bottles, various packages containing unknown liquids and powders, glass vazes with herbs, eight syringes with hemp oil, five XTC and MDMA pills, catalogues, 150 euros, etc.