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Rhodes Hit by Torrential Rain; Two Missing

Two teachers, a 50 year old man and a 27 year old woman, are missing, on Rhodes, since this afternoon when their car was swept away by a flash flood as they tried to cross a bridge over a stream bed. One more passenger managed to get out and was rescued.

Authorities on the island are on alert and the fire department on the island has already received more than 150 calls for rescue or flood relief. The waters have swept cars and flooded homes and businesses.

According to authorities the downpour lasted for two and a half hours, but is expected to resume with renewed vigor. A state of emergency has been called for the island.

According to information so far, the three teachers had been trapped in the car for three hours, but could not call for help since they had no signal. They then decided to escape, whereupon the two were swept by the waters. Police have found the abandoned car.

An emergency rescue crew is expected to arrive with a Super Puma helicopter to assist on Saturday morning.