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25,000 refugees trapped in Greece

Asphyxiation is created in Greece with more than 25.000 refugees and immigrants trapped in the country, while FYROM has essentially sealed its border.

There are 5,000 refugees and migrants currently staying in the passenger areas at Piraeus port. Terminals at gates E1, E2, E3, E6 and E7, as well as a warehouse at the port are fully packed. At Gate E1 a place has been converted into a “warehouse” for food, clothing, medicine and other essentials that the volunteers are sharing out among the refugees and migrants in the port.

FYROM police have fired tear gas at a crowd of migrants who destroyed a barbed-wire fence on the Greek border using a makeshift battering ram.

TV footage showed migrants pushing against the fence at Idomeni in Greece, ripping away barbed wire.
A section of fence was smashed open with a metal signpost. It is unclear if any migrants crossed the border.
About 7,000 people are stuck on the Greek side of the border, as FYROM is letting very few in.
Many have been camping in squalid conditions for a week or more, with little food or medical help. Most of those trying to reach northern Europe are Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Some 5,000 migrants were staying last night at the terminal at Piraeus port, 3,250 at the former Athens airport site in Elliniko, 1,350 at the transit center in Schisto and 750 at the camp in Elaionas.

Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas met with representatives of the coast guard, military, local government and church Monday to discuss ways in which more places can be found to house the refugees.
Two more temporary reception centers were made available Monday in Nea Kavala and Kilkis, northern Greece. This allowed authorities to transfer thousands of migrants that had been held back in Trikala, Grevena and other areas on the mainland in previous days.