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Alternate Defence Min Vitsas: March 7 is a critical day

There were 31,842 refugees and migrants all over the country until Thursday and 90 percent of them (28,657) were refugees, Alternate Defense Minister and chief of the Coordinating Management Centre of Refugee Crisis Dimitris Vitsas on Friday said in statements to ANT1 TV.

He also stressed that the goal is the rapid identification of these refugees.

The condition with the migrants and the refugees is for the time being manageable, said major general of Greek police on Lesvos island Zaharoula Tsirigoti.
Tsirigoti, the first woman that was appointed major general of the Greek police, revealed that traffickers use childs to drive the boats with refugees that leave from the Turkish coasts by promising them that they will not pay for the trip.
On the issue of minor refugees that are missing, Tsirigoti said that the Europol representative's statement that number of missing children reaches 10,000 does not reflect reality. "
Moreover, Tsirigoti underlined that Greek Police in cooperation with the responsible ministries and other bodies is trying to open new hosting facilities in order to be able to host a large number of migrants and refugees. "The only tools the Greek police have are the readmission bilateral agreements and EU's readmission agreements with non EU countries.
Referring to the stance of the Greek people towards the refugees and migrants she said "all the countries envy it".