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Alt. Migration Min : Refugee problem result of Europe's reluctance to implement common desicions

Europe should implement the common decisions on the refugees and stop being a victim of extreme right and xenophobic voices that exacerbate the problem, Alternate Minister for Migration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas on Monday said in an interview with Swiss-Italian Radiotelevision RSI.

“The borders are closed and the whole problem is created because of the EU, which instead of materializing its own decisions has become the victim of unilateral actions. These actions which, on the one hand it strongly condemns and on the other hand cannot confront. And I am referring to the voices of some countries like Austria and those of Wisegrad”, stressed Mouzalas.

“The only solution EU can offer is the solution we agreed in the beginning of the crisis”, which is the immediate allocation of refugees directly from Turkey, after the completion of a thorough identification of all refugees, said Mouzalas. “Of these three steps, the only one that is completed for now is their identification in Greece. What happens now is that we identify them and they remain in Greece,” he concluded.

As for the role of Turkey, the Alternate Minister said that the Turkish factor is “from the beginning a part within the problem. The flows begin from its territory.”

In his interview the minister stressed that Greece efforts focus on resolving the problem within its territory, but also to follow the basic principles of Europe. “We are trying hard to solve the problem created inside our territory and our effort is according to the common decisions and we hope that Europe will maintain the character it has since its birth. As a gynaecologist, I can assure you that the character cannot be changed. I think Europe will be exactly as it was born. The Europe of Enlightenment, of Romanticism and not the Medieval Europe.”
All departments of the National Archaeological Museum will participate in displaying the krater, while the museum will also prepare a detailed pamphlet on the artifact.