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Citizen Protection Minister rules out police violent intervention at Idomeni

Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas ruled out the possibility of a violent intervention in Idomeni refugees’ camp and predicted that the condition will return to normal in 1-2 weeks.

Speaking to private MEGA TV on Friday he said that the government's aim is the refugees to understand that the Balkan Corridor has closed with the responsibility of the northern European countries and that they must follow the directions and go to the closest camp where they will be able to find food and shelter until the situation is clear.
Toskas revealed that 68 human traffickers have been arrested since January and regarding the flow from Turkey he said that they continue and estimated that Ankara "is trying to negotiate until the next EU Summit".
He underlined that there are no new corridor, neither through Albania nor through Italy and clarified that "Albania simply adopted the stance of those countries that are trying to make a different Europe that does not respect and does not consider".
On the NATO's operation in the Aegean he said it has started but is not complete yet. "We will see when it is in full operation what results it will bring".