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Family of Five Jailed

All five members of a family were arrested in Patra after a veritable adventure and charged with resisting arrest, forgery, possession of weapons, extortion, possession of fireworks and ammunition, causing bodily harm, and resisting arrest.

The events unfolded when the 28 year old son of the family was called to Patras police to testify in an inquiry ordered by prosecutors.

There he struck an officer, according to police for no reason, and hurled verbal abuse at other police staff, causing his arrest.

Police later went to his home, at Ovrya, Patra, in the presence of a prosecutor to conduct a search, but were denied entry, at first, by the young man's parents. When the search had already started the two brothers of the arrested man arrived and began to also hurl verbal abuse and threats at the police officers.

At the home police found a pitol with seven bullets, a balaclava, Αa gas mask, a firecracker, a bayonet, weapon cleaning equipment and several checks, as well forged police rubber stamps.