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Agencies Use Hangouts to Trap Terrorists

A series of hangouts in the leftist dominated Exarchia neighborhood of Athens were in reality entrapment venues set up by intelligence agency EYP and the counter-terrorism squad of Greek police ELAS.

According to information in the media EYP set up a cafe/bar in the district between 2003 and 2008 that was rigged with sound and image monitors, while the ELAS counter-terrorism squad set up their own internet cafe. The latter in fact provided information leading to the arrests of four persons belonging the Fire Nuclei Conspiracy terrorist group.

The venues were set up at the time leading up to the 2004 Olympic Games to avert any possible terrorist attacks.

The cafe/bar closed a little before the December 2008 riots, according to some reports, because it was compromised.

The arrests of the terrorists resulting from their entrapment through the internet cafe "Palladium" also probably compromised that venue, leading to occasional assaults and vandalism of the establishment