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Couples from all over the world wed at the Catholic Church of Mytilene

The relics of St.Valentine that are kept at the Cathedral of Mytilene attract couples from all over the world that decide to get married on the island.

Weddings at the city's Cathedral have not been carried out for an long time provided that there is not a Catholic community on the island. However, the restoration of the Cathedral-monument and the discovery of the St. Valentine's holy relics as well as the re-establishment of a small community of Catholic Christians on the island opened a new tourism potential and perpective: wedding tourism.
Marek Gitrowski and Fiona Jeganaphan, a distinguished biochemist, decided to get married on Lesvos. As they stated, the refugees problem and the negative promotion of the island did not not affect their decision.
The couple lives in England but they have friends and relatives across the world that arrived on Lesvos to attend the matrimonial ceremony.
The Princess of Thailand and a large number of couples from all over the world have announced that they will get married at the Catholic Cathedral of Lesvos in 2016.