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All Greeks outraged over Koran readings in the Hagia Sophia, except Xidakis

Apart from the shock caused by the fact, that yesterday a morning prayer from the Koran was read in the Hagia Sophia, another shock came from a statement on the issue by Deputy Foreign Minister Nikos Xidakis: "This is nothing tragic ..." .

Yesterday, for the first time since 1934, after 82 years, the morning prayer from the Koran was read in the Hagia Sophia  (yesterday was the first day of Ramadan). In fact, the general secretary of the Turkish bureau for Religious Affairs was present.

The same will be repeated in the coming days of Ramadan (for 30 days) with daily readings of the Koran in the Hagia Sophia and will be aired by a Muslim broadcast of Turkish TV.

And while this situation, the conversion of Saint Sophia into 'mosque' for 30 days, has caused anger and regret for all the Greek people, Minister Nikos Xidakis said yesterday that  "There is nothing tragic, no disrespect to read a religious text ... Lack of respect would be indecency ..." he said.

The Foreign Ministry, however, yesterday afternoon, in a statement said: "We condemn as regressive the announcement of the Turkish authorities for the planning of the Koran reading in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, on the occasion of Ramadan. Obsessions, touching the limits of bigotry, for Muslim rites in a World Heritage site, it is incomprehensible and shows disrespect and lack of contact with reality. Moreover, such actions are not compatible with modern, democratic and secular societies."

Later, through leaks it reverted to the question, especially after the sharp reactions of ND: "The announcement of the Turkish state TRT channel on the daily reading of the Quran in Hagia Sophia, seems to come from another era." Circles of the ministry also reported that "Any such actions are anachronistic and incomprehensible and show disrespect towards religious monuments that are symbols of world cultural heritage."