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100 Dutch bloggers to visit 100 Greek destinations

The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) office in the Netherlands has decided to exploit the wide-ranging impact of travel blogs and social media in order to target more visitors and attract them to Greece.

The organization has launched a new digital campaign named #IloveGriekenland, through which 100 Dutch bloggers will visit 100 destinations in Greece, write about them on their personal blogs and distribute their experiences through social media.

Ασκορδινγ to the GNTO office in the Netherlands, each blogger will be selected in accordance to the style of his or her blog and hosted in a different destination in Greece. Travel giant TUI is supporting the campaign and will cover the airline tickets of all the bloggers.

The aim of #IloveGriekenland is to present Greece as a multi-themed destination with alternative tourism products to a wider and diversified audience, depending on the target group of each blogger.

The GNTO office in the Netherlands hopes that the campaign will boost last minute bookings to Greece from the Dutch market this year.

All postings of the bloggers will be uploaded to the website www.Ilovegriekenland.nl.

The organization presented the campaign to a group of Dutch bloggers recently and received a very positive response. The bloggers have already begun posting information about Greece on their personal blogs (http://www.ishetnogver.nl/europa/i-love-griekenland/ and http://www.fromhatstoheels.com/why-i-would-visit-greece-treasure-islands/ ) and are also spreading the word on social media with the hashtag #IloveGriekenland.

According to research conducted by the GNTO, a large proportion of Dutch travelers search for travel information online and is influenced by social media when choosing a destination for their vacation.