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Capital controls may be lifted until the end of the year, says NBG chief

National Bank of Greece (NBG) president Louka Katseli said that fear is the reason the citizens do not bring their money back to the banks adding that it will take time until they trust their money to the banks again.

Speaking to national broadcaster ART late Saturday, she noted the main factors for return to normality is the stability at political and financial level. Referring to the lifting of the capital controls she said she believed that most of the restrictions will be lifted until the end of the year. One of the conditions for the lifting of the capital controls was the completion of the review of the Greek programme which has been achieved, said Katseli adding that the large number of the non-performing loans is not due to the fact that the people became suddenly bad-payers but to the adverse changes of the households and the businesses' economic condition. Katseli called on the lenders to go the banks to settle their loans otherwise they run the risk of being characterised uncooperative.