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'Healthy Seas Fashion Project' at CretAquarium in Crete

Clothes made of recycled 'ghost' fishing nets will be on show at the CretAquarium in Crete, one of the biggest and most modern aquariums in Europe, until this September.

The “Healthy Seas Fashion Project” is held with the support of the European Commission's representation office in Greece to celebrate one year of successful action by the environmental organisation MEDASSET to protect sea life in Greece.
The discarded 'ghost' fishing nets that litter the seabed, presenting a deadly danger to sea animals like turtles, dolphins and seals, are taken and recycled to make a high-quality yarn known as 'ECONYL®'. Students and graduates of a fashion school then used fabric made of this thread to create stylish, eco-friendly clothes.
The visitors of the Aquarium can also admire more than 200 species of animals populating the Mediterranean Sea in the 60 aquariums and watch a film showing the procedure of the making of the “Fashion Project”. Underwater captions record the great destruction that invisible 'ghost' fishing nets inflict on sea life.
The “Healthy Seas: A Journey from Waste to Wear” Fashion Project is supported by the United Nations (UNEP/ MAP), the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and the UNESCO, as also by the enterprises ASAP Athens, Kosmocar, ANEK Lines and Blue Star Ferries.