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Breaking news: Vessels crash off Aegina, at least 3 killed

The alarm was sounded shortly after noon by the Coast Guard, as a speedboat crashed into atourist boat off the coast of Aegina. Latest information talks of at least three injured and three killed in the crash.

The collision of the two vessels resulted in about 20 people thrown in the water.

Three  Guard vessels rushed along with fishing boats and speedboats to help survivors.

Reportedly there are three dead and three wounded, of which two of them seriously. Among the wounded is a girl 6-7 years old, which is transferred by another private sail boat to Aegina, while another man, about 40 years old is being resuscitated.

However, what particularly worries authorities is the fact that because many people were at sea not all may have been found and therefore search and rescue efforts are continuing in the area.

Reportedly the speedboat hit a tourist boat carrying 20 to 25 tourists from the cape of Perdika in Aegina Moni to bathe, in the mid section.

The collision occurred off Perdika close to the nearby monastery. It is a route that takes place every half hour, carrying a total of hundreds of tourists to the monastery for a swim.