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Ancient theater of Delos opens after 2,000 years

The ancient theatre of Delos will revive after two thousand years of silence. The play, "Hecuba (Ekavi), a refugee in Delos," is organised by the Cyclades Antiquities Ephorate and the Municipality of Mykonos is a minimum contribution to the people's awareness on the refugees' tragedy that the human kind experiences and takes place in the waters of the Aegean.

The play with Despina Bebedeli holding the leading role and directed by Nikos Karageorgos will take place on Friday and Saturday at 18:00.
The ancient theatre of Delos was built in the 3rd century BC and hosted the largest feasts and events as well as the games of independent Delos.

Due to the fact that the ancient theatre of Delos can't host a large number of people and lacks ordinary amenities, the play will be performed under the daylight and in front of a small audience that must follow strictly the orders of the Ephorate's staff.