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Alternate FM: The response to EU crisis is political

"The message sent to Bratislava wil be that of unity and not division," Alternate Foreign Minister Nikos Xydakis on Thursday said in a statement to media, a day before the informal EU summit.

Xydakis, who will accompany Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the EU summit, stressed the need for Europe to restore its social character, to march towards convergence and the consolidation of democracy, and be united on the basis of solidarity and development.

"We are listening to the societies. Europe must regain its social face and walk towards convergence and the consolidation of democracy," the Alternate Foreign Minister noted.

Speaking to public broadcaster ERT also on Thursday Xydakis said "we should not expect that in a few weeks the framework of the negotiation will change" .

Referring to European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker's speech on Wednesday and the flexibility he proposed noting that "Dogmatism and neoliberal ideology is collapsing".

He underlined that Brexit was a huge shock and expressed his concern over the rapid rise of the extreme right and the rhetoric of hatred, racial hygiene and animosity noting that now even the conservative politicians wake up.
Xydakis opined that on the migration and refugees issue the European Union reacted with delay.