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Foreign diplomats to visit Chios in an effort to boost extroversion and local businesses

A business delegation of 26 foreign financial and trade attaches will visit the island of Chios from October 6 to October 8. The visit, co-organised by the municipality of the chamber of Chios and Enterprise Greece, is held as part of the programme Synergassia that is implemented by Enterprise Greece and the regional and local authorities.

The programme aims at the promotion of Greece, the municipalities and regions in the global market and the strengthening of the local economies' extroversion as well as the promotion of productive activities based on the development of the local competitive advantages.
Representatives of Poland, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Argentina, Tunisia, USA, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, China, Filippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, Kazakstan, Croatia, Slovakia, Canada, Slovenia, Peru , Hungary and Turkey will participate in the diplomatic delegation.
Enterprise Greece president Christos Staikos said: "In the framework of our agency's strategy to boost extroversion, we took the initiative to bring together 26 foreign diplomats with the view to promoting investing opportunities and the island's exports potential."