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Albania: Greek elderly couple found murdered in their home

Featured Albania: Greek elderly couple found murdered in their home

A brutal crime occurred in Albania, and more specifically in the village of Brodista in the district of Dropolis Argyrokastro, as an elderly couple was found murdered inside their home.

The first information from the media in Albania clarifies that around 08:00 on the morning of Maundy Thursday (2/5) the two elderly people, 88 and 84 years old, were found dead in their home, as reported by ANT1.

Signs of violence on the bodies of Greeks found dead in Albania
From the preliminary examination carried out on the two bodies, it was found that they had signs of violence on their bodies, without it being clarified if there was a previous fight with some criminal element.

Police rushed to the scene, and during the preliminary inspection of the scene, they did not find any broken doors and windows, with the investigations leaning towards a relative.

Immediately after the relevant announcements by the Authorities in Albania, the police agencies went to the scene and together with a special investigative team, under the instructions of the Prosecutor's Office, continue the investigations to clear up the brutal crime.