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Attempted Abduction of Shipowner

Kikos Martinos the son of shipowner Thanasis Martinos was the object of an unsuccessful kidnapping attempt by persons unknown, on Thursday afternoon at Voula.

The incident took place a little after 15.00 pm while the young man was heading home from the offices of the family firm Minerva Marine.

According to first, conflicting, information two, or four cars attempted to box in the intended victim's jeep. The young Martinos floored the gas pedal and after ramming the vehicles managed to escape.

One media source (SKAI) said that one of the perpetrators' vehicles was immediately engulfed by flames, while police found another two burnt vehicle in nearby locations. It is believed the vehicles were torched by the perpetrators to destroy any evidence.

Kikos Martinos is married to Marina Livanou, daughter of well-known shipowner Giorgos Livanos, since 2009. They have one son.

Kikos Martinos is a graduate of Athens College.

Minerva Marine operates a young fleet of more than fifty vessels, ranging from MRs to VLCCs in the tanker segment and Capesize and Kamsarmax in the bulker segment.