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Tsipras Turns in Memorandum 'Black Book'

The 75-page “Black Book of the Memorandum” was handed by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras to the Europarliament deputies responsible for the Troika Inquiry Report.

“The Troika is an institution without democratic legitimacy,” said Mr Tsipras after meeting in Strasbourg with Austrian Europarliament deputy Othmar Karas and French Europarliament deputy Liem Hoang Ngoc.

Mr. Tsipras unerscored for the two deputies that the continuation of the same policy will only fuel euroskepticism and populism and lead to “a rise of Golden Dawn, neonazis, in Greece and other European countries.”

Mr Tsipras requested that the breadth and time of the investigation be extended and noted that the results of the survey will be especially important in highlighting the wrong choices, who's responsible, and what must really change.

The European Parliament launched an inquiry into the role of the EU-ECB-IMF troika. The committee of inquiry, which  is led by deputy Othmar Karas is expected to complete its report before European elections, next May.

Mr. Tsipras will be handing the "Black Book" to commissioner Olli Rehn.