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Bears stroll in downtown Kastoria

Two young bears were wandering in the streets of Kastoria throughout the night upsetting the residents. The two bears were spotted on the road next to Kastoria lake and called the police.

Police tried to frighten the bears and make them leave but instead  of leaving the city they turned back and took the streets of Kastoria, said the member of Kastoria Environment Protection Society Nikos Panagiotopoulos to Athens Macedonian News Agency.

"We tried to frighten them and send them to the mountain but the two bears appeared to be accustomed to humans and for this reason they were very calm during their promenade in the city," said Panagiotopoulos.
Four hours later the two bears decided to leave the city and return to the mountain.
"The one-year old bears were seen several times with their mother in the wider region and probably they will come back looking for food. It is interesting that at the foot of the mountain there is a playground and the little bears love to play on the swings and especially on the seesaw."