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Baby monk seal sunbathes on Halkidiki beach

A baby seal has chosen to rest on the beaches of Sithonia Halkidiki. Scientists of Mom/ Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal were informed by the Coast Guard that a young monachus monachus is sunbathing on the beach of Sithonia, something very encouraging over the increase of Mom population in Halkidiki.

The existence of the baby seal indicates that we have reproduction of the species in the region and if there are not disturbed then the population may rise, Mom biologist Stella Adamantopoulou said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency. She also advised the people not to approach the animal, to not pour water on it and not try to put it back to the sea because is is not washed out but it has chosen to get off the water and lie on the sand to sunbathe and sleep.