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64 pct of Greeks want to become businessmen

A 64 pct of Greeks want to become businessmen, Amway said its seventh annual global survey released on Tuesday.

The survey, conducted in cooperation with the Tech University of Munich, records public trends on entrepreneurship throughout Europe, including Greece. Compared with 2015, Greek respondents were less positive towards entrepreneurship (64 pct) in 2016 from 69 pct last year.
A 63 pct of Greek resondents said they wanted to become businessmen, a 36 pct said they were convinced they had the abilities to set up a business, while a 55 pct said they would not abandon their intention to set up an enterprise even if their families or friends tried to convinced them otherwise.
A 48 pct of Greeks said they felt at ease with starting their own business, while a 49 pct said they felt discomfort, with respondents in younger ages (below 35 years) recording the higher percentage rates (60 pct) compared with other age groups (35-49: 49 pct and over 50 years: 35 pct).
Greek also felt more comfortable with being their own boss (42 pct), while prospects for a secondary income (33 pct) was also an attractive prospect.
Amway said a 35 pct of European citizens saw self-employment as more likely in the next five years.