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ACS Athens finalizes cooperation and exchange program with Widener University

American Community Schools Athens received the leadership team of Widener University (Philadelphia, USA) to finalize an agreement between the two institutions, which will benefit students in a variety of ways.

The President, Dr. Julie Wollman, the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Dean of the School of Engineering and the Executive Director of the Oskin Leadership visited ACS Athens to finalize a program of cooperation and exchange.

Widener is entering this collaboration agreement with ACS Athens, based on their commitment to attract students from high quality international schools.

A number of scholarships for international students are available from the university and in particular will be available for ACS Athens students.

Widener University has over 45 undergraduate majors, including top ranked pre-professional programs in Medicine, Pre-Law, Engineering and Physical Therapy.

Additionally, Widener’s Oskin Leadership Institute has been well established and prepares students to be strategic leaders and responsible citizens.

On Monday the 12th, Widener also presented the university and its programs for ACS students (information session.)