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Center for disease control urges people to get flu shot

The center for disease control and prevention (KEELPNO) urged vulnerable groups on Wednesday to be vaccinated against the flu, adding health services are ready for the flu season.

“It is never too late for the vaccine. Even now, the high-risk groups must be vaccinated,” the center said in a press release, noting however that the outbreaks have so far been low in Greece.
“The most likely scenario is that the subtype A (Η3Ν2) will prevail,” epidemiologist Takis Panagiotopoulos, who works with KEELPNO, told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA). “The virus tends to affect mainly older people, a group that should be vaccinated, as well as the chronically ill and health professionals, regardless of age.” 
Authorities have so far recorded one death from a confirmed case of influenza A and 10 serious cases of confirmed influenza, with hospitalization of the patients in intensive care units. The patient who died belonged to the high-risk groups.
The peak of the flu season is expected in February and March, the center said.