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Syriza MEP clashes with Prime Minister

“I haven’t seen Tsipras for two years” Chrisogonos said earlier today on an interview to “Skai” TV station.

The Member of the European Parliament for Syriza went on to say with obvious bitterness that the Prime Minister “is obviously informed about European issues from mr. Karanikas and mrs. Notopoulou and the rest of his staff”.

When asked by the Skai journalist if he thinks what he says annoys certain people, he answered “I say what I believe and I don’t hide”.

Mr. Chrisogonos said that early elections would be a bad scenario for the country, as the governments commitment is to honor a bad agreement with the minimum social consequences and with the final objective being the return to the markets by the end of 2018, so that the country will not ask for a new loan from the Eurozone members.

For mr. Chrisogonos, the Prime Minister must try to follow a parallel program in the lines of the “Thessaloniki program” of Syriza, a part of which does not depend on the countries loaners.

“We do not have unlimited time, if we do not return to the markets there will not be another settlement and we will be faced with the worst scenarios” he added.

He also stated that the steps the government has taken against the organized economic crime are inadequate.

The government’s office didn’t leave these statements unanswered and in an unofficial statement they underlined that “the Prime Minister understands mr. Chrisogonos worries but he does not choose his interlocutors from the TV panels”