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Attack against police by lone gunman leaves officer wounded

An attack with an AK-47 took place on Tuesday at 6.20′ in the mourning by a single individual.

The assailant just fired three shots against an anti-riot group of police officers that are guarding the offices of the political party PASOK at Charilaou Trikoupi 60.

One police officer was wounded on the leg and he was rushed to the 401 Military Hospital. According to the doctors his life is not in danger.

It is not the first time the police forces that guard PASOK’s offices are targeted, as they are located near Exarchia, an area known for the increased activity of extreme left-wing groups.

Police officials are connecting the attack with Pola Roupa’s case, the terrorist that was arrested last week. According to the anti-terrorist expects such an attack was expected and they are waiting for the letter that will claim responsibility for the attack.