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Theodorakis accuses government for attempting to control media

Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis accused the government on Wednesday of unleashing an attack against the media using regulatory and law enforcement agencies as leverage, during his speech in parliament, which was discussing issues relating to the agricultural sector. 

Theodorakis was referring to news on Tuesday that a former SYRIZA MP and former president of “Avghi” newspaper, Vasilis Moulopoulos, was invited by bankrupt DOL media group “to help resolve the structural and economic problems of DOL”. 
“We are facing a government attack against media. Using the regulatory and law enforcement agencies as leverage, SYRIZA undertakes to control and bring into line media groups it used to curse. The aim is for all media to speak in one voice. It’s a new dimension in communication. A new dimension in interweaving interests,” he told lawmakers, adding that the government has decided to take matters into its own hands “by taking over media groups”. 
He also linked DOL’s decision to appoint Moulopoulos to a preliminary report published on Monday by a parliamentary committee which investigated bank loans granted to political parties and media in the past few years, which found that there are no political responsibilities. 
“On Monday, the examining committee delivers its report and – lo and behold – there is no political responsibility for anyone. Was everything you said about the triangle of corruption between media-banks and parties all a lie? Are they all innocent? Where are the revelations with which you threatened your predecessors in power?” he said.
“I hope journalists resist it,” he added.