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The Unseen Museum presents a 7,000 year-old enigma

A 7,000 year-old enigma from the hidden world of the National Archaeological Museum's storerooms is presented by the Unseen Museum. 

The mystery refers to a unique in size sculpture of the late Neolithic era that depicts a human form in a strange composition . The 7,000-year-old enigma emerged from the storerooms on Monday and will be on display at the Altar Hall until Sunday 26 March. 

The Unseen Museum promotes selected antiquities from the unknown world of the National Archaeological Museum storerooms. They emerge for a limited period from their secure state of obscurity into the light, inviting the fans of rare memorable moments to capture their stories and narratives. Every two months an artefact is presented to public for the first time and reveals its unknown story. The 7,000 year-old enigma is the 12th artefact presented by the Unseen Museum.