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Ancient Messini to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Greek list of monuments submited to UNESCO in order to be part in the World Heritage Site Catalogue, includes Ancient Messini.

Lina Mendoni, General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, informed the members of the Central Archaeological Council for the Ministry's efforts to include Ancient Messini in the World Heritage Site list of UNESCO.

A roof will be built in the areas of the Gymnasium and the Stadium in Ancient Messini, in the Peloponnese, that will resemble the ancient roof. Visitors will walk around this semi-closed space, which will also host a small architectural exhibition.

Messini is a significant ancient city in terms of its size, form, and state of preservation, and still has much to offer. 

It possesses not only sanctuaries and public buildings, but also imposing fortifications, and houses and tombs. It enjoys, amongst other things, the advantage of never having been destroyed or covered by later settlements, and is located on an unspoiled inland site.