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Authorities declare state of emergency in Kordelio, Thessaloniki for bomb disposal operation

Greek authorities have declared a state of emergency in the Thessaloniki municipality Kordelio-Evosmos due to the operation underway to dispose of an unexploded WWII bomb found under a petrol station.

The operation, which will involve the evacuation of the population over a radius of 1,900 metres around the bomb's location, is to take place on Sunday. 
It will involve a massive operation to move 62,000 people from the area by 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and return them to their homes after the operation is concluded. Local authorities have already started the process by distributing flyers and posters door-to-door to all homes in the area, providing residents with instructions on the evacuation procedure, the waiting areas and the points where coaches will pick up passengers to transport them from the bomb zone.