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Alexis Tsipras to attempt to "sell" EuroGroup deal to party members

SYRIZA’s political secretariat is scheduled to convene on Tuesday at 6.30 pm to discuss the decisions reached on Monday’s Eurogroup meeting regarding the new package of measures Greece will be called on to implement and the strategy to follow after the representatives of the country’s creditors return to the table of negotiations.

The Greek PM Alexis Tsipras will table the meeting, and will attempt to explain his government’s compromise with its creditors in Brussels in an effort to mitigate any internal party reactions to the concessions.

Following the agreement in Brussels that provides the imposition of extra measures worth between 2.5-3 billion euros, which the Greek public will be called on to shoulder, government officials have set the tone of rhetoric the government is expected to adopt, presenting the deal as a “victory”. Mr. Tsipras is expected to follow the same tone and attempt to embellish the results of the agreement in his attempt to sell it to the party comrades.