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Balkan initiative with the help of Greece in multiple myeloma treatment

The Plasma Cell Dyscrasias Unit of the Medical Faculty Therapeutic Clinic of the National University of Athens is taking an initiative in the Balkans for the better treatment of multiple myeloma patients.

Although today there are effective treatments for the second -in terms of frequency- hematologic malignancy, modern drugs are not available in most of the countries of the Balkan peninsula. Several new drugs for the treatment of multiple myeloma have been tested over the last 15 years resulting in significant improvement in the prognosis of patients. However, these drugs often have significant costs.

The initiative began when hematologists from different Balkan states came in contact with officials of the Greek Unit of Plasma Cell Dyscrasias of the Therapeutic Clinic and asked them to coordinate a Balkan effort to study patients with myeloma to help with the development of clinical research in all Balkan states. Experts will meet for the first time, on Saturday February 25, in Belgrade, chaired by Professor M. A. Dimopoulos, director of the Therapeutic Clinic of the Medical School and rector of the University of Athens. During the meeting data from all the Balkan states will be presented as well as the individual needs for the better management of patients. Moreover, there will be a coordination of efforts for the development of clinical studies that will include patients with myeloma in all the Balkan states. Finally, a Balkan Myeloma Study Group will be established.