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8 in 10 Greeks believe in conspiracy theories

A large percentage of Greeks have a negative view of immigrants, according to a study conducted by research centre “DiaNOesis”.

The findings 62.1% of those polled attributed the economic crisis to internal failings, with only 9.7% responding the faults lies outside Greece. 76% responded that Greek society was at fault saying Greeks had become used to living beyond their means.

A very revealing, and somewhat strange finding, was the fact that 8 in 10 Greeks believed there were secret organisations that were “pulling the strings” behind the scenes.

Another striking finding is the 26.5% who believed planes were leaving chem-trails in the skies. 88.3% of the respondents agreed or partly agreed that the number of immigrants in Greece over the last 10 years was larger than should be, with 64.4% saying they believed immigrants contributed to a rise in crime.