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Athens exhibition on 1980’s Greece attracts 80,000 visitors

A historical and cultural exhibition revisiting the eighties decade in Greece exceeded the organizers’ expectations attracting 80,000 visitors over the almost three months it was housed at Technopolis cultural center in central Athens. 

The multi-thematic exhibition “GR80s. Greece during the Eighties in Technopolis” sprawled over 13 rooms and even containers, showcased 4,000 exhibits and 1,000 rare photographs and rich audiovisual material and footage from political, athletic and social events that influenced the decade. Visitors could also choose between 30 different parallel events that ranged from master classes and workshops to one-day seminars and screenings. 
It was organized by University Professors Vasilis Vamvakas and Panagis Panagiotopoulos, with the cooperation of numerous curators and cultural bodies and the Onassis Cultural Center. 
Some of the events recalled by the exhibition included the electoral victory of PASOK in the early ‘80s and the social changes it ushered in, to the changes in the economy, domestic terrorism, the opening of the first private TV channel, Greece’s win in the European Basketball Championship in 1987 and the new era in print exemplified by lifestyle magazine “Klik”. 
The exhibition also ventured into fashion trends, architecture and design, with one large hall transformed into the interior of a typical ‘80s apartment.