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Best Greek young farmer to vie for Brussels title

The title of “best new farmer 2013” for Greece has gone to 26 year old Christos Panayotidis, who will now represent Greece in the relevant European competition.

Christos Panayotidis began his career in agriculture at the young age of 15, when he attended the Dairy Technical Lyceum, after which he studied at the Food Technology and Quality Control department of Technical-Vocational School of Thessaloniki.

The young farmer received his award at a conference entitled “Greek agriculture: Factors of change” organized last Sunday by the Panhellenic Union of Young Farners and the Center for Agricultural Entrepreneurship in the framework of Money Show 2013.

He was awarded the title as his farm offers excellent characteristics of multi-functionality, viability, “green” practices, and social contribution.

On his 800 stremma (80 hectares) farm at Paltia, Thessaloniki he has constructed his agricultural and husbandry unit. The animals are from local stock and are fed on organic fodder grown on his field, while dairy products are distributed directly without intermediaries. His dairy products got silver prize in the 3rd Greek Dairy Festival.

On 29 January 2014, Christos Panayotidis will try and garner the prize set by the European Parliament for Europe's “Best Young Farmer.”